Toe Tap Through the Tulips

Last spring I was honored to serve a residence at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  It was great to teach tap on that gorgeous campus, especially during tulip season!  The best part was being able to observe some truly inspirational classes taught by some of their faculty, Linda Graham, Amanda Smith and Matthew Farmer.

While there I visited a tulip farm and wooden shoe factory.  It was a very funny experience because I was the only one there for at least an hour!  (Did I mention that they also raise Bison and sell the meat?)   I bought six different kinds of tulip bulbs and planted them in my new garden in October.  I was so surprised that I hadn’t killed them and that they bloomed over the last few weeks.  Here’s a few brag pictures!  See….I can do something other than dance!

By the way, the Hope student I set a solo on, Molly Vass, is now tapping professionally with jorsTAP Chicago, a terrific tap company directed by Kendra Jorstad  Check ’em out!

If you have an important dance event that you want folks to know about, visit the Say Hello page and let us know!


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