What makes me tick!

A little about me!

I’ve been married for 35 years to Shawn who is a funeral director.  Odd mix…I know, but my father was also a funeral director and he now runs the family  funeral home.

I have two wonderful daughters.  The oldest is Caitlin who is married to Phil.  They gave us the perfect grandson, Eero!  They have been staying with us since August while they finish renovating their new home 45 minutes south of us.  It’s been crazy fun and when it’s over they will live much closer than their first few years in Chicago!  I am teaching Eero Hip Hop and he has a dramatic flare for Tap.   At seventeen months he doesn’t need much help with Acrobatics….he does that naturally.  Caitlin has her degree in dance from Point Park University and now teaches and judges all over the country.   We have been blessed to travel and work together a little lately.  She is also back teaching at the studio with me.

My younger daughter, Siobhan just finished her third year of a six year degree that will earn her a doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Evansville in southern Indiana.  She is much smarter than the rest of us!  I am hoping she will be able to help my body continue to move as I get older!

I’ll leave some pictures so you can see my beautiful family!


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