I Come From a Long Line of Crazies!

My fraternal grandmother was a dance teacher in Danville, Illinois during the depression and her five children, known as the O’Riley Taptitians, were her star students. One of my prized possession is an old handbill announcing their performances following the Boen’s Trained Horse Act. My uncle, Jim went on to serve in the USO during WW2 and returned home to perform as part of a three person acrobatic dance team in New York and Chicago for a decade. My father, Dan was the youngest of the group and although he was mostly depended upon for his “cute” factor, he did learn a Waltz Clog Time Step that he passed on to me as a child. I began teaching dance at 15 years old, never having met my grandmother and I passed the teaching “gene” down to my eldest daughter, Caitlin. If you’re counting, that’s four generations! Now, my daughters baby boy has taken up the rhythms! When asked to, he’ll throw down a few steps and his favorite videos are “Good Mornin'” and “Moses Supposes”.

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