Well I just unpacked my suitcase from another great week at the Dance Teachers Club of Boston’s Dance Education Training Course!


Imagine this…..almost 200 young dancers (and a few young at heart), all dressed in blacks and tans, hair in buns, wearing their badges in exactly the same spot all quietly focussed while taking seven classes a day for five days in a row!  Bizzarre!!!!  NO…BEAUTIFUL!   IMPOSSIBLE!! NO..it happens every year!!


After taking Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Music Theory, Musical Theater, Children’s Work, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Modern and Teaching Principle (I probably forgot something), these kids all take exams in the materials presented and the third year students voluntarily participate in an evaluation of their teaching skills!  On the last day they are scored on the performance of routines based on the material they learned in their level.  Some will receive awards based on their testing, teaching and performance!


Now imagine 52 girls (no guys this particular year) in white dresses, heels and carrying a white rose in the crook of their left arm marching intricate patterns in perfect unison to a Grand March that I was lucky enough to choreograph for them and then, switching to jazz attire to performing a huge production number choreographed by no other than Tom Ralabate.  That will happen this Sunday in Woburn, Massachusetts as the DETC class of 2013 celebrate their graduation.  (I’m still working on how to pronounce Woburn.  It’s wicked hard!)


They are looked after by the most loving group of room monitors and directors that you can imagine and encouraged by their own wonderful dance teachers to attend.  I believe the president, who was there in the trenches all week, told me next year would be the 75th anniversary of the training course!  Amazing!


I often wonder when things like this happen, “Where are the TV cameras now?”


I was lucky enough to spend my 29th birthday with them and was treated one night to a wonderful dinner with the club and another night had a fabulous dinner with an icon in the world of dance and one of the most famous teachers in the Boston area, Miss Paulette.  I can tell you for sure that Lobster Macaroni and Cheese is my new obsession!

I also made it back to “Shots” for a chocolate iced brownie injected with fat free frozen yogurt! (why go overboard!)


So, as I was my new T-shirt and Sweatpants I will be exhausted but feeling very fulfilled and proud of my job and my profession.


Hoping the kids will send me video and pictures of their big graduation day!  Here’s a few shots I was able to take!






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