Dance Life Teachers Conference 2013 was Off the Hook!  It’s hard to describe the energy and excitement that happens when you put together 750 dance teachers from all over the world, 68 vendors and an amazing faculty that are truly dedicated to making a difference in the dance world. Especially when things are being looked after by a staff that insists on quality and works endlessly to make everything as perfect as possible.


I was extremely honored to be part of it all!  Being on that faculty makes me feel so special!  I met so many wonderful teachers and felt like the more I shared the more I got back.


It was also fun working on staff during registration and running the sound in a few of the rooms so I could have a front row seat to the words of wisdom from people like Stacey Eastman, Peff Modelski, Greg Russell, Tricia Gomez and of course, our fearless leader and creator of it all, Rhee Gold!!!!


It was also great seeing so many of you stop by Jay Distributors and order my books or take home some of the new Flash Tap cards.  Getting feed back from you is priceless and I love the one on one time I got to talk to so many of you!


The Gala Luncheon was spectacular.  There was a tremendous performance by a troupe of Native American Indians, Geo and Greg Russell hit the stage, Roni Mahler was honored (a complete and very charming surprise for her) and Georgia Dean did what she does best, song and dance!


Two of my favorite moments were when one young teacher came to me and told me that I was the reason she decided to be a dance teacher and now has her own studio and two other young teachers now own a studio in New England because I inspired them to do so!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I am so proud of them and so glad they took the time to tell me!


There will never be another event quite like that one, but I am looking forward to 2015 when the next Dance Life Teacher’s Conference will come alive and inspire us again!


I’m leaving some pictures of a few moments, but it’s a bit like trying to take a picture of the Grand Canyon… just doesn’t do it justice.


For those of you that wanted the playlists from my computer, look under Music Suggestions and, however humble, it’s there.  I tried to make sure the artists were included but if I got it wrong, let me know!



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