You would think with the amount of travel I do, I would have a good grip on the process by now.  Unfortunately, not at all!

On my way to attend Alberta Dance Teacher’s Club Team Motivate workshop, for the first time in my life, I was sent to the Immigration Office rather than straight through to collect my bag.   Everything was fine but it was an unnerving situation and was so glad to get out of there that I grabbed my bag, headed straight to the cab and went directly to the hotel.

Upon arriving I found a note from my lovely daughter on facebook that said to call my credit card company.  Annoyed because I had called them prior to traveling to let them know where I’d be, I finally worked my way through their number menus on my hotel phone (my cell phone doesn’t work in canada).  The lady explained that the taxi driver had fumbled around when using the car to pay $81 cab fee and had set off an alert.

Cleared that up and decided to brush it off, have a little fun and go to the largest mall in Canada, the West Edmonton Mall. (google it…it’s off the hook)

Opened my suitcase and out fell a pair of little girl’s purple underwear.  I had grabbed the wrong bag!!!

Called Delta and they informed me that I would have to come back to the airport ($81) and return that bag and walk my own through customs.  Of course the ride home would also be $81.

With no choice I headed down to to front desk (locking my keys in the room) and ordered a taxi.  In the nick of time, the lady that had invited me to Canada in the first place came in the front door and offered me her car to go to the airport and back (and to the mall…god love her).  It was coincidentally the same make and model as my luxurious Ford Windstar.

Drove to the airport, rolled down the window to figure out how to park and the window got stuck in the down position. (Was eventually able to fix it) I then rolled the “wrong” suitcase the entire length of the airport (parked in the absolute farthest spot) and found the Delta desk.  She greeted me by name and said “They are waiting for you downstairs!‘   Of course, any abandoned bag is thoroughly inspected and inventoried and after a lot of “shuffle ball changing”, I finally was able to leave with my suitcase and its contents.

Jumped on the QE 2 after paying my toll without rolling down the window (ghetto style) and got stuck for an hour and a half  in a traffic jam.  Accidents both ways and another one on an overpass.

Deciding not to be defeated…I went to the mall and immediately ate ice cream and bought a Lululemon bag. (What would you do?)

Headed home, tried to buy gas but the sign said 116.9 and the pump was in liters.  Could not for the life of me figure out what to do!  Put what I think was $20 in…I’ll never know for sure.

Left there and went the wrong way on a one way street to go to McDonalds for dinner. (I know….that’s what I get for eating at McDonalds).  Remember, I couldn’t roll down the window so went through the drive-through by opening my door.

Got back to the hotel, dropped my bag went to find my friend to return her keys and once again, locked my keys in the room.

Luckily, I found her in the bar and had a good story and a good laugh to share with my wonderful Canadian friends.

P.S.  The workshop was wonderful!  Classes went great!  Such a good energy and focus on learning.  Enjoyed the company of the faculty and had a wonderful celebration dinner at the end with lobster mashed potatoes which, paired with the lobster mac and cheese I had in Boston, have changed my culinary life forever!


Luckily there are no pictures of this one!



    • Please check your Step by Step Book Two and see that it was printed correctly. I had a problem with my printer and we have replacements if yours isn’t right! Just let me know!

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