Made it through “week one” of the new dance season!  I wonder if my dancers knew that I was as nervous as they were!

I love the summer with its excitement and teaching opportunities but it’s always great to walk back into the studio I love and work with the kids I consider family.

There are always some brand new faces and some old ones that are missing from my classes.  It feels like writing in a brand new notebook with the promise of clean slate where anything can happen!

We began choreography a few week ago, but nothing is like the work we do together in the classroom.  Every year I try to spice up the warm ups and choose the battles I want to fight when it comes to their technique.  I really like where we are headed!

It was great to see that the dancers have retained so much of last year’s work and are excited to move forward with new resolve.  I know that together we will build something great this season!

Merde! to all my dance teacher friends on their new year!  Be proud of your profession!  We have a hugh amount of influence on the lives of so many young people and very little of what will last has anything to do with dance!

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