New season, New Choreography!

This is the time of year where many of us are setting choreography for the new season.

Let us remind ourselves that good tap is not fast tap or complicated tap.  It is not a battle of who can do the most difficult steps.

Good tap contains rhythmic phrasing; sentences of sound like an interesting conversation with the audience.  Not yelling how important you are or whispering in shyness, but expressive highs and lows.  Variations of quick and slow peppered with moments of silence to clear the palette of the listener.  Moments where you are emphatic and moments where you let the music give way.

The best tappers are those who unite their movement with the music, regardless of the difficulty of their steps.  Playful musicians whose work sounds as good without music as is does with it.

Find what your tappers do well and give them the space to develop as artists without the worry of perfecting an insane phrase of tap tricks.  Teach them to engage the audience with their face and their posture.  Do more with less!

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) is something I write across the top of all my papers as I begin to choreograph.  It is a reminder to do what’s best for the student rather than what I hope might happen some day!

Good Luck!  Merde!  Enjoy the journey….we are never sure where the boat will land!




One thought on “New season, New Choreography!

  1. YES! Beautiful! Agreed! I could say the same about flamenco. The rhythm is about musicality not showing off. . . . although, instead of Keep It Simple Stupid, I like to say “Keep It Simply Sexy” because feels nicer to say that to myself;) lol!

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