Well, tomorrow I leave for my third trip to South Africa!  I fist fly to Atlanta and then 15 hours to Johannesburg.  I am looking forward to catching up on some movies, doing some convention choreography and reading a little bit!   Hopefully I will also sleep a bit.

I arrive in Johannesburg around 5 in the evening, six hours later than my normal time.

I will stay with our friends Ina and Amanda in Pretoria before going to our venue and hotel in Sun City.

The resort is beautiful with free roaming monkeys and baboons.  There is a huge water park and loads of beautifully lush trails.  They also have “Whimpy’s” hamburgers!

The currency there is the “Rand” and right now it is almost 10 Rand to 1 dollar so I plan to do some shopping!  Not that things are tremendously cheaper…it just is fun to buy something that costs 80 rand for $8!  I also plan on learning to speak a little more Afrikaans.

I am going to do my best to eat healthy, but they have this honey drenched pastry thing called a koeksister that is impossible to resist!

I will be judging for six days and teaching some workshop classes.  The dancers are so much fun to watch and so eager to please us.  It really touches my heart and makes me very happy that American Dance Awards has allowed me this opportunity three times!

I am a very lucky teacher and am always surprised how much of the world dance has shown me.

My husband, Shawn came along last year and we stayed for an extra week for a trip to the southern tip of South Africa!  Along with Amanda and Ina we traveled through some of the most beautiful country on the planet and ended with some time in Cape Town.

This time the trip will be shorter and I am going without Shawn, but I’m sure it will one to remember as well.

I never know what to expect but always have an magical trip.  I will try to post a blog or two from there and send some pictures along both here on my blog and facebook.


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