Made it safely across the ocean to South Africa with no problems at all.  Slept a good seven hours on the flight and had a nice aisle seat with an empty seat next to me.

After almost an hour in the customs line I was met by Ina and Amanda at the Johannesburg Airport.

They immediately drove me through the countryside past Pretoria to a place called Zebra Lodge.  It was pitch dark and other than the lit pathways, I had no idea where I was.  (If you know Ina and Amanda, these things are completely expected!  Last year I we traveled with them to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and never had any idea what was going on….but loved every minute of it!)

We had a buffet dinner including lamb, chicken and fish in the dinning room and then they left me there to catch up on sleep.  (SA is 6 hours ahead)

When I woke, I saw a gorgeous property with the running streams, Coy fish and thatched roofs.  I had a delicious buffet breakfast featuring a freshly made omelet and had a walk around the property.  I spent almost an hour sketching a picture of the small pond outside my window.  I love to draw but rarely have time and it was great to start this trips with time to sketch.  Never saw a Zebra, but saw peacocks, geese and stopped by a little village to visit with a beautiful woman in her traditional hut.

We then drove to Sun City, north of Pretoria where American Dance Awards will hold its event beginning Tuesday.  It is an amazing resort with two large casinos and two world class golf courses.  It also has miles of lush trails, an enormous water park, two beautiful pools, a bird aviary, zip lines, parasailing and just about everything else you can imagine.  I have tomorrow off so I plan to find a lawn chair next to a pool and relax.  (I will probably be notating convention routines to be honest!)

The rest of the crew arrives tomorrow and we will teach classes tomorrow evening.  Once competition  begins, free time will be slight.  I’ll post a few pictures and try to blog a bit more as the week goes on.




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