South Africa Day Three

So now I’m on South Africa Day Three!

Yesterday was about organizing ballrooms and trophies, production meetings and getting the rest of the crew settled in.

Took a little walk around the property and took a few pictures of some of the animals on property.  If you’ve never seen the back side of a peacock, it looks like an ostrich.  I’ll put a picture below.  He was obviously impressed by me and decided to put on a show.

It was really quite spectacular.

Spent a little time in a lawn chair with a cooler by the lake and a short time by one of the many pools.

Today began competition and it was a terrific day!  The South African dancers have so much heart and such sweet souls!  I feel more flexible just judging them.  I am putting down scores, critiquing the work by talking while they dance in the CD player and doing special awards   It’s a little like being an octopus, but not as slimy and fun.   Day two starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow which is 2:00 a.m. at home.  I’ve actually adjusted pretty well.

Had a delicious fish dinner poolside and am finally back in my lovely hotel room hoping that I’ll see one of the baboons on property outside my window.  We saw a huge one on the glass roof the first day.

I have a wonderful new ADA SA t-shirt, billtong (a really big deal kind of beef jerky) and fruit rolls from Montegue…..oh, and all the chocolate and potato chips I can eat!

So,  so far so good!

Here are a few pictures……..I’m hoping to snap a few of the baboons and monkeys but unless the wander into a ballroom in the next few days, it isn’t gonna happen.


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