This is the last of my African travel logs!   Although it was my third trip to the amazing country of South Africa, I had a so many new experiences.

After leaving our venue and hotel at Sun City we returned to Pretoria  with my dear friends and ADA SA sponsors, Ina and Amanda.  We stopped at the Bush Baby Monkey Sanctuary and I was honestly swept away by the beauty of the park and the interaction with the monkeys.  While walking through the elevated natural wood pathways,  suspended bridges and through some of the most captivating trees and plants I felt like Alice in a new found wonderland!

One of the most memorable moments of my life will be the experience of having my pockets checked by a small monkey named Apie and then having him climb up my arm to perch on my shoulder and head.  He stayed there for about five minutes and allowed me to walk along with him there.

We also saw lemurs that came very close and a beautiful spider monkey named Sarah.

After the monkey park we went to the African market and had our last lunch together before the rest of the crew went to the airport.

That evening I stayed at the City Lodge where I had visited the first time and my favorite little store across the street, Woolworths.   There is also a Biltong store full of a huge variety of jerkey products including ostrich and bison.  I’ll put a picture of it in the gallery.

After a wonderful sleep and delicious breakfast which the South African hotels are famous for, Ina and Amanda picked me up and off we went to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve.  It was a “drive through” safari experience where I saw what felt like a living Noah’s ark!  Feeding stations brought many species together for lunch and made a terrific opportunity for photos.

When we were done viewing the menagerie from the car including a drowsing lion family, we went to the zoolike area.  What happened next was completely unexpected.

We were lead into a holding area with four female lions about five months old where I was able to sit with and pet them for about 15 minutes.  We then were treated to a hands on visit with a 13 year old cheetah named Edie.  I can now say that I kissed a cheetah on the nose.

After a visit to the pancake maker, the butcher store, the meat pie and koekesister store, I will need to drop a few pounds, but it might have been worth it.

I also had the opportunity to teach at the Kroon and Van Zyl dance studio where I shared some tap and ballet and they showed me some pretty crazy Acrobatics skills.

Leaving was hard but knowing I will return made it bearable.  I’m posting a huge amount of pictures and hoping you can get some idea of my life changing adventure.

Stay tuned for the October Step of the Month!  Got to get over the jet lag and the 6 hour time difference first!



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