Fabulous Fund Raiser!

Sometimes the most fun you can have with choreography is working with people who don’t dance at all!   I just had that wonderful experience with 13 young men on the campus of the University of Evansville in southern Indiana.

The event was “Big Man on Campus” sponsored by the women of ZTA, my daughter’s sorority.  BMOC is a men’s “beauty pageant” that raises money for ZTA’s philanthropy, Breast Cancer research.  It had a Mardi Gras theme with the catch phrase of “Unmask the Cure for Breast Cancer”.  They guys do an opening number, walk the runway, display a talent and then the finalists answer a question about Breast Cancer.  This was the second year I have worked with my daughter, Siobhan on the event and it was even more fun this year than last year!  She was in charge of the entire thing   and I was very proud of how it all turned out.

The routine was a combination of three songs that the guys learned in one hour and a half.  They then had one practice without me and ran through it on stage with me before the event.  They were so attentive and appreciative and, were excited about raising money for ZTA and Breast Cancer.  Of course, I was backstage yelling the steps but I doubt that many of them could actually hear me.

My friend, Scott Sisbarro does a high school version of this event at St. Joseph High School in Connecticut with the Senior guys called “Mr. Student Body” and their money goes to support a battered women’s shelter.

I think this is an excellent, low cost fund raiser for high schools and even dance studios to raise money for any worthwhile cause.   Consider a “Dad’s” dance competition coached by their daughters!  How funny would that be?

I’m posting a few pictures of the guys in rehearsal.

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