I grew up in a household that revered Halloween with the passion that many reserve for Christmas or Easter.  My brother, who my grandmother aptly nicknamed “Spooky” was born on October 31st.  That meant that dinner was always topped off by birthday cake which helped to fuel our Trick or Treating sugar frenzy.  Back in the day, we would fill one pillow case..hide it…then fill another!

After returning home we would separate the candy into categories on the living room floor, barter for or steal our favorites, then hide the stash to avoid pillaging from hungry brothers.

To my mother, it was a chance to blend her creativity with her superior sewing and construction skills.  As a child I was one of the three bears, a butterfly, a chinese doll and many many others.  My mother and father always, and I mean always, won the KofC Halloween Party costume contest.  When my uncle Jim was in the seminary he needed a typewriter.  The prize for the costume contest happened to be a typewriter.  My mom whipped up Humpty Dumpty sitting on the Wall and of course, he won!

This passion has rubbed off on me, and happily my daughters.

We always plan well ahead of time for costumes and take great pride in our creations.

Growing up my children were corn on the cob, a can of green beans, squirrels, dragons, a dead Disney princess, a beet (yes the vegetable!), a chicken, a dalmatian, Tweedle Dee & Dum, a walrus (we bought that one and Siobhan hated it!), Dorothy, Cat in the Hat, Babies (that was an old tap costume, Sorry Brett!) to name a few!

Last year I was the Long Island Medium.  The year before I was Miss Piggy and Caitlin was Kermit for our studio dress up day.  This year I was Macaroni and Cheese and Cait and I made Eero his first big costume….a full foam stuffed pumpkin.  (The pumpkin was his idea!)

This year we had a chance to strut our Halloween stuff early at the Dance Company Halloween Party!  There were lots of great costumes and I got to be a judge for the costume parade!  There are some pictures attached.

I will be spending Halloween this year, as I have for many years, in Connecticut at

the Halloween Capitol of the World, Scott Sisbarro’s house!  We expect 1,500 trick or treaters to our Halloween spectacular.  I’ll post our pictures after I get home.  It’s truly something to see and experience.  If you’re in the Ansonia, Connecticut area…stop by our cemetery or black light tent!  It’ll be bigger and better than ever.


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