So thrilled to be headed to Riesa, Germany to judge the IDO World Tap Championships !  (basically the Olympics of Tap)  I was lucky enough to go to the Championships in 2002 with my daughter, Caitlin and my student, Brett where the US team became World Champions.    I have wanted to return ever since!

I was hoping to go to Riesa to take my international judging certification and was planning on scraping the money together to go and get that job done.

I sent my resume’ to apply for the adjudicator’s training course and exams and… lo and behold!….Bill Fowler, IDO Honorary Lifetime President,  sent me an email telling me that I had been selected as the VIP judge!!!  That means that IDO will fly me to Germany, put me in a hotel, feed me and even give me a stipend for judging!  I still get to take my exams and will be able to use my experience with the Tap World Championships to count for my mandatory “mock judging”.

I am excited, honored and more than a little nervous!  Looking forward to the talent and the adventures!

Stay posted for more about my experiences in Germany, lots of pictures and hopefully some KinderEggs! (chocolate eggs with toys inside!)


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