Black Tap-day Bargains!

Those of you that work with my Step by Step Books (specifically Beginning Level) or have worked with me in the classroom during teacher’s training know that I love to use Lego style blocks as a visual aid for stacking basic Tap sounds.

The blocks with one “knob” are used for one sound movements:  step, hop, leap, brush, spank…etc.    The blocks with two “knobs” are used for two sound movements: shuffle, slap, flap….etc.  (you get the idea for three and four sounds!)

Just use a permanent marker to write the steps on the sides of the blocks and throw them in a laundry basket.  The dancers pull out two or more blocks…hook ’em together and they have created their own step to practice.  Or, they can work in groups to build an entire step!

I bring this up because my good friend Ginny Durow text me this morning from her Black Friday adventures and sent me a picture of this type of block being sold at Menards for $1.99 per bag!

Take advantage of some of these  sales to get your studio something nice for Christmas!  It really is a fun way to work with the basics during second semester when all the kids are bored with you other tricks!

And…..look at my new FLASH TAP cards for Time Steps and Cramprolls.  They are great gifts for your teaching staff and available right away!   Write Black Friday on your order form and I’ll take %15 off until Christmas!  (look for the order forms on the top bar on the home page)

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