Turns out…NO!  Of all the professions (she’s had close to 108), Barbie was never officially a Tap dancer!    We have watched her illustrious Ballet career both in our imaginations and now on film, but there was never a Tap Dancing Barbie.
Check this collection out……

41RRSACD7DLApparently her little sister Stacywas a tapper!
But, unless my intense 3 hours of  research has failed me….No official Tap Dancing Barbie!   (if you can prove me wrong ..please do!)
Three Barbies are sold somewhere every second (and sales total around $1.5 billion a year). So just in the time it took you to read this sentence, about nine dolls were sent on their way home from the toy store.  I think it  could have been 10 if there was a Tap Dance Barbie on the shelf!
Of course, people have been trying to right this wrong for decades by making Barbie Tap Clothes and adapting the shoes. Check out the web for thousands of hand made Barbie clothing sites.   Mattel however, just hasn’t come through!
Before Barbie celebrates yet another birthday, which by the way is March 9th (she was born in 1959) ….something needs to be done!  (P.S.  My daughter was born on March 9th too….NO…we didn’t name her Barbie)
Barbie has the studio, she has the students, she has the fully posable pivotable joints, she could wear high heels…no need to wear oxfords!  Get the rhythm Mattel or get out of the business of influencing our children!!!
Other doll manufacturers have tried to do justice… (In fairness it should be mentioned that these dolls are manufactured with flat feet…like so many of us…thus making it easier to put their feet into tap shoes!)
American Girl has   the American Girl Emily Tap Costume Outfit Tap Shoes


and the American Girl Molly’s TAP OUTFIT Item# F5108 dance Miss Victory costume

and this nifty Tap outfit from 2009

and the dance world can always count on Madame Alexander to tip her hat our way!

Angelina Ballerina is also a Tap Dancer…
and there are at least two other tributes to Tap dance .
So I guess I belong to the Madame or am a true American Girl until Barbie shows some love to the Tap Dance World!

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