The Rhythm of LIfe!

Yesterday was a momentous day!   My daughter, Caitlin and her wonderful husband Phil had their second child…..a delightful little baby girl named “Pippa Magnolia”!   I don’t know if she’ll dance, but she sure would look cute in a tutu!

I’m attaching a picture of this wonderful child and her already stellar big brother, Eero!  I am now a double Mimi and my heart is dancing!

The rhythm of family and life is the best beat of all!

1236468_707080583224_2142838570_n 20140327-2102451235209_707080618154_467789212_n


7 thoughts on “The Rhythm of LIfe!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Diane!! “Pippa” is beautiful!! You are right -I’m the “Grammie Jo” of 4-and it is the absolute best. Three are dancers and gymnasts, and the other is a boy! (Hockey is his thing!!) Enjoy your fantastic family.

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