This has been one of my most viewed postings so I am giving you more Recital or Showcase ideas to steal!   If you have one that is not on the web site…let us know!  Enjoy…..

DANCES OF THE EARTH – This show is a play on travel with a salute to Mother Earth.  Invite people to bring something to recycle to the show and make the program out of recyclable materials.

COLOR MY WORLD – dances about colors but also about the colors of flags from around the world.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO……  Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Golden Globes, Kennedy Center Honors, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice…… Films, Songs, Musicals, Famous American Artists..  All these Awards have music categories…  go to the lists of winners and choose!

WEATHER – dances about rain, sunshine, clouds, breeze, wind, snow, tornadoes…..

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – the word Love is found in all the songs.  It’s easier than you think!  If you run out of Love songs….find songs about close friends, being grateful, kisses, holding hands….mothers & fathers…wedding music…..the audience will LOVE it all!

LET’S GIVE THANKS!  All the things we should be thankful for…Moms, Dads, family, houses, police, firemen, teachers, school, food, cake…you get the idea!

WHEN I GROW UP – a show about occupations…Doctors, Grocer, Moms, Nurses…

WHAT’S COOKIN? – what’s better than a show about food?  Cookies, cake, candy, spaghetti, popcorn, pie, pancake…….

LANDMARK OF THE WORLD – dances that bring out the feeling of the famous landmarks of the world…  New York New York and the Statue of Liberty,  Meet me in St. Louis – the St. Louis Arch, Speaking French – The Eiffel Tower,  Chicago – The Willis Building,  Deep in the Heart of Texas – The Alamo, Chinatown – the Great Wall of China…  Don’t forget the famous bridges, buildings and monuments all over the world!

FAMOUS CHOREOGRAPHERS: COULD BE CALLED “TRIBUTE” – dances based on some of the works of famous choreographers or the titles of their works.  Ballets can be sections of any of the classics like Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Copellia.   Tap can be based on the works of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, the NIcholas Brothers, Buster Brown.  Jazz can be Fosse, Bennett or other Broadway choreographers.  Find the names of some Rockette dances and their choreographers. Busby Berkley and June Taylor did fabulous work!   Modern/Contemporary dances can be based on titles by Graham, Duncan, Horton, Cunningham, Ailey, Jameson or any current contemporary artists.  The choreography would be your own, just a salute to the names and works.  Many of these choreographers can be found on You Tube for inspiration.

THE GIFT OF DANCE  – Dance is a wonderful gift!  Celebrate it!  This show is about all the great things dance brings!  Strength, confidence, happiness, fun, friends, health, passion, family, learning, discovery  ……    Decorate with large boxes wrapped like gifts.

MY COMPUTER AND ME! :  COULD BE CALLED “WEB-DANCE”.– this one is about web sites.  There are thousands!  Any dance you can think of can be tied into this one!

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!   This is based on your cell phone.  With millions of apps to choose from it’s easy to make it work.  Games, Contact Lists, Ring Tones, Flashlight, Text, Tweet, Facebook….it’s all there!  Just open your phone and let the ideas ring out!  There can even be a retrospective tip of the receiver to the old dial up phone, the crank phone, the telephone operator, party lines….

THE ELEMENTS.. earth- wind- fire- water!

TATOOS TATOOS TATOOS!  just kidding!

BEAUTIFUL BROADWAY... songs from Tony winning Broadway Shows or any song that played on the great white way!

COMIC BOOKS..there is a huge array of characters represented in the genre of comic books. (Even Tim Gunn from project runway)  Classic comics like Snoopy, Family Circus, Marmaduke, Superman, Catwoman, Hello Kitty…….the list is endless! There are comic books featuring the Sesame Street gang, Popeye and all sorts of children’s favorites and some very interesting Foreign and Pop Art comics.  The program can be made to look like a comic book complete with featured characters.





2 thoughts on “RECITAL IDEAS TO STEAL!!! MORE!!

  1. I REALLY like the “Famous Choreographers” recital theme idea! What an opportunity to introduce and explore the styles of artists many of these dancers have never even heard of!!!

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