In My Own Little Corner

On my way to Jacob’s Pillow and American Dance Awards I took a quick hop with Scott Sisbarro on the New Haven Train Line to Grand Central Station for dinner and to see the epic Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella!  He had scored $45 seats!

After a quick dinner at the newly renovated spot that used to be the Stage Deli,(it ain’t what it used to be…no pickles!)  we made our way to the Broadway Theater and our seats.  I immediately regretted not wearing a tiara and a flowing gown like many other girls in the audience!

The show was exactly as it should be!  It whisked us back to our childhood imagination with it’s huge and elaborate scenery and costuming.   The wicked step mother was played by Fran Drescher and although her famously annoying voice was very rough, she was made for the role.

Cinderella transforms twice during the show with the help of her fairy god mother.  The first time into a beautiful white tulle gown and the second into a stunning gold gown.  It was all very slick but we caught the trick both times.  What we didn’t catch was how they changed her shoes the second time!  If anybody knows….I really need to find out!  It’s killing us!

Her wedding was glorious.  The entire production was both funny and charming!  It was a wonderful quickie into the city and made me remember just how fabulous Broadway can be.  We smiled from ear to ear for the entire time.

We’ll be back to NYC in August so that my husband can participate in the NYC triathlon.  Yes…he’s gonna swim in the Hudson!   Hopefully we can catch up on a few more shows then.



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