I’ve collected a few more Recital Ideas because I know we can use all the help we can get.  If you have more …feel free to share!

Dances from A – Z   or The ABC’s of Dance

D.A.N.C.E –  dances that begin with these letters

Gallery Dances – select works of art from your local art gallery or any famous art to help build dances.

Dancing through History – highlighting special points or important people in American history

Candy Land – your program can be the board game and so can your backdrop!

Once Upon a Time – dances based on Fairy Tales and their characters

Kaleidoscope – Use songs about colors.  Can have a backdrop that changes

Won’t You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise – Let’s Cruise Away  – destinations one could reach on a cruise ship!

School Days

The Elements of Dance – songs based on Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Happiness Is Dancing…

Opposites – Up/down  in/out  over/under  black/white  happy/sad  hot/cold

Keep Calm and Dance –  This popular slogan can encompass just about anything

Dancing with the Stars – Songs from the show or highlighting your own superstars!

A Beautiful Day in our Neighborhood – dances about all the businesses and people in your neighborhood….Think Mr. Roger’s Neighboorhood

You Better Shop Around!   – dances about places at the mall

70’s or 80’s

Alice in Wonderland – as she walks through her adventures and you create a few more that she can visit

Superheros (and villains) – including heroes in your neighborhood

Postcards – sent from around the world


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