Bunny Briggs: An American Treasure RIP

Sadly, BUNNY BRIGGS passed away last week so I am sharing the Wikkapedia information on him and this beautiful performance of his.    We cannot go forward until we look back at those who paved our way!

Bunny Briggs (February 26, 1922 – November 15, 2014 ) was an American tap dancer who was inducted into the American Tap Dancing Hall of Fame in 2006.[1]

Briggs was born in Harlem, New York on February 26, 1922. At one point he thought about becoming a Catholic priest[2] but instead began performing as a tap dancer and singer. He performed with Duke Ellington‘s Orchestra. In May 1985 Briggs performed on the NBC TV Special, “Motown Returns to the Apollo.”

He was nominated for a Tony Award in 1989 for his work in the Broadway show Black and Blue. He appeared on stage and in movies including the Gregory Hines film Tap in 1989. Briggs lived in Las VegasNevada.

In 2002, Briggs received an honorary doctorate of Performing Arts in American Dance by the Oklahoma City University (2002).

Bunny Briggs died peacefully in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, November 15, 2014. His beloved wife, Olivette Miller Briggs, preceded him, passing away April 27, 2003. Mr. Briggs is survived by sister-in-law Sandra Seaton of East Lansing, Michigan.



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