We have had a look at the following Shuffle replacements in previous STEP OF THE MONTH posts:




Now let’s talk about a few Shuffles that will help your students combine sounds with more proficiency.

First, the DIGFLE (I’ve also seen this spelled Dig-fle and Digffle)


Why bother with this term?  Why not just call it Dig Spank?

Well as with the Shuffle…..when you have done enough Shuffles, you no longer think about it in it’s two parts (brush + spank).  It becomes one word that evokes two connected movements.

When I type my name, I no longer think D- I – A – N – E —  G – U – D – A – T!  I just think my name and my fingers type it smoothly as one complete thought.

Thinking about Digfle will help you students connect the Heel Dig and the Spank into one more fluid movement.

I usually refer to the movements as Heel Dig, Spank when they are in quarter note or eighth note time (1,2,3,4 or 1&2&3&4).  If I want the sounds closer together, as in eighth note triplets, triplets with a rest or sixteenth notes, I will use the term Digfle. (&a1&a2&a3&a4, a1a2a3a4 or 1e&a2e&a3e&a4e&a)

Replace the Shuffle in any combination with the Digfle and make your students pay attention to the work on a whole new level.

The same is true with the term STOMPFLE (I’ve also seen Stomp-fle and Stompffle)


This step is traditionally known by some as a BUCK and can be found at the beginning of the BUCK SERIES  of Time Steps.  Replacing other Shuffles with the Stompfle will give you yet another variable for keeping your student’s heads in the game and mixing things up a bit.  Again…one name for two movements allows the mind to process it a bit more quickly.

Have fun with the IRISH by replacing the Shuffle with a Digfle:

Now, replace the Shuffle in the basic IRISH with a Stompfle:

Do two of each:

Shuffle Irish (Shuffle Hop Step)

Scuffle Irish (Scuff + Spank, Hop, Step)

Riffle Irish (Front Riff + Spank, Hop, Step)

Diglfe Irish (Heel Dig + Spank, Hop, Step)

Stompfle Irish  (Stomp + Spank, Hop, Step)

There are a even more to share….keep checking back for the next installment of SENSATIONAL SHUFFLES!


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