American Dance Awards 2015

Well, another ADA Nationals is a wrap!  I cannot begin to tell you the level of talent, technique, creativity, effort and inspiration I found at this particular event!

I have been part of the ADA family for over 15 years and I have always been more than proud to be part of this family.   We have the big screens, we have the lights, we have the beautiful big trophies…… but it is never about the flash.  The back drops say “The Ultimate Challenge” and I really think that is true!

I was truly humbled to sit in judgement of these wonderful dancers, teachers and choreographers and invite you to go to the link:

and look through the archives to see some of these events.   The Dance Offs are the top numbers from the two competition rooms that run all week.  There are two of these, one for 12 and under and one for 13 and over.  The best six numbers from each Dance Offs are called the Elite Six and are judged live at our Galas (12 and under, 13 and over)

You can also view the title competitions which of course are all the solos from the winners in our Regional competitions.

Looking forward to returning to South Africa in early October for our South African Regional in Pretoria!  Congrats to the SA dancers that attended our nationals this year along with dancers from Slovenia, Ecuador and of course, Canada.


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