Acrobatics for the Dance Studio; A Six Level Program

This was the first book that I authored and it was completely updated two years ago by my daughter, Caitlin Haywood.  After having taught Acrobatics in my own studio , coaching gymnastics and doing floor exercise choreography for private gyms and high school teams for many years I decided to take inventory of the skills and organize them into a six level program specifically for use in the dance studio setting.

Each level comes with a List of Skills separated into four categories (inverted balance skills, flexibility skills, counterbalance skills and skills that rotate around an axis) as well as combination skills and appropriate dance skills to assist in connections.

Information on safe spotting of skills and a complete Dictionary of Skills is also included.

New acro teachers can use the book cover to cover.  Seasoned teachers can check the skills lists or the full Index of Skills to make sure there are no holes in their program or find interesting variations on the skills they are already teaching.

A full Warm Up is shared at the beginning of the book as well as  Guidelines to help you move through the program effectively.

Many teachers using the book have commented that they enjoy the variety of skills, specifically in the beginning levels.  Star cards, Skills posters and student progress reports can be made using the Skills Lists for each level as a guide.

Thousands of copies have been sold all over the world and this continues to be one of my most sought after publications.  The 148 page book is spiral bound to allow it to lay flat and is printed on one side of each page to allow for plenty of room to add your own notes.

Treat yourself or your staff with a book that will benefit all your acrobatic students as well as your studio!   Look under TEACHING TOOLS for a complete list of my books and teaching aids and click ORDER FORM to start placing your order.

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