Inject some fun into your Tap classroom with a deck of FLASH TAP CARDS!

There are two completely separate decks!

The first is a deck of more than 50 different Time Steps, complete with the counts.

The second is a deck of more than 50 Cramprolls also with counts.

The cards can be used individually to introduce new Time Steps or Cramprolls to you Tap class or combine one of the Cramproll cards with one of  the Time Step cards to build larger combinations.

Students can draw from one or both decks and work alone or with friends to build groups of steps.

Stuck for choreographic ideas? Just pull a card from the deck!

Select a card and teach a new Cramproll or Time Step every week for a full year!!!!

These are great tools for days when the teacher needs a bit of a break or when a substitute teacher is called on to teach a class that he/she usually doesn’t teach.

The format is fun, easy and unexpected!

They come sealed and in their own windowed box for storage.

They make wonderful gifts or stocking stuffers for Tap teacher or for any student who loves Tap!

One deck is $35.  Get both for $60!

Go to TEACHING TOOLS to see more about the FLASH TAP CARDS or to see the books available to help you organize your Tap and Acrobatics program as well as a book on Music Theory to help make learning to count a series of games.  Click on ORDER FORM to get your order started!

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