Lambie Cake 2018

     The Annual Non-Lambie

Lambie Cake Competition 2018!

Happy Easter and Welcome to the official headquarters of this year’s contest.  We are excited to welcome many new entrants into the festivities and are looking forward to once again hosting the most prestigious competition in cake decorating.  

Here are the 2018 results.  A special thank you to our honored judges April Spisak Nelson, Diana Velazquez Frink, and Sara Nicole Carrigan!  

Save the picture next to your award and use it as a Facebook badge to brag to all of your friends!  

2018 Grand Champion – #1 Puppy in Flowers by                                                                         Barbara Sisbarro

Second Place – #9 Barrett the German Shepherd by                                               Noel and Jen Gudat and Shari Denny

Third Place – #11 Happy Easter Day of the Dead by                                              Diane Gudat

Fan Favorite 2018 – #10 Happy Pigster by Scott                                                                   Sisbarro 


Special Awards:

Majestic Display Perfection – #2 Wanda the Whale                                                       by Sydney and Andrea Lynch   

Visual Concept and Message – #8 Lambie Plus Two                               by Crystal Chapman and Elaine Loffredo

Most Impressive Element – the Nest – #7 Little Blue                                                            Bird by Emmie Riethman

Best Party Scene – #4 The Bunny Slope by Paula                                                               Lecher and family

Cutest – #6 Peeptastic – by Rachael Branham and                                         kids

Funniest Face – #3 Hootie and the Gefilte Fish by                                                       Eero Haywood

Most Creative – #5 Flamin-go Spread the Good                                                          News by Pippa and Caitlin Haywood

Congratulations and Thank You to all of our 2018 contestants.  This was our best year yet!  Happy Easter to everyone!

Here are this year’s entries. 

Be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll below!  (Final winners will be announced at 6pm)