The Time Step Dictionary Volumes One and Two

Volume One contains over 90 different Time Steps with formulas to create hundreds more!  Also includes more than 40 Time Step Breaks.  An unbelievable compilation of material that will spice up the classroom and the stage.

Volume Two, compiled by popular demand contains 235 more Time Steps and Breaks!

The Time Steps tells the dancer so much about the history of tap, the flavors of rhythm and timing and is a wonderful vehicle for practice.

The full index provided the teacher with variety at a glance.  It is a MUST for your dance library!

$30.oo each  or  both for $50 

Just click HERE for the order form





2 thoughts on “The Time Step Dictionary Volumes One and Two

  1. Hi Diane, I am a 34 year old wife, mother of two handsome boys, a hairdresser & getting back into dancing after being out of it for sometime.. I did DTCB training school this past August. You truly were inspirational. Your passion drives others to be their best. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication for that long week. I will see you again next summer.

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